Carpet Helps Reduce Allergens, Improves Vacuuming Effectiveness

First carpet system designed to help your customers fight allergens

Home is where your customers feel safe and comfortable. With STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ carpet, it also can be where they enjoy a cleaner environment.

A desire to deal with health-related problems drives more than 40 percent of home renovations. In fact, 99 percent of U.S. homes contain cat dander—including homes without cats—and more than 50 million Americans have allergies. For years, customers have heard that carpets may make their allergies worse. So, many homeowners have avoided carpets and opted for hard floors to reduce indoor allergens.

Studies have shown that a well-maintained carpet can improve indoor air quality, but STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ is the first carpet system designed to help customers fight allergens. The carpet system is designed to reduce dust and allergy-aggravating particle buildup without adding steps to your customers’ cleaning routine. It’s made with kid- and pet-safe AllerShield™ technology that helps reduce bonding of allergen particles to the carpet fibers."

Demo shows the difference

“We’ve done a lot of market research and have found that this is an area where carpet innovation could be very significant,” says Michelle Ivy, R&D manager, Performance Solutions, for INVISTA. “You’ll see tons of products out in the marketplace now that are focused on allergens or a healthy lifestyle. But there is nothing else in the carpet space that’s designed to address this current need.”

INVISTA has developed a demonstration to showcase the benefits of the carpet technology.

On two sections of carpet—one with AllerShield™ and one without—researchers scatter equal amounts of particles that show up with an ultraviolet light. Then they work the particles into the carpet with a rolling pin to simulate foot traffic. Using an ordinary vacuum cleaner, they vacuum both carpet areas. When the carpets are placed under the ultraviolet light, viewers can see that far fewer particles remain on the LiveWell™ carpet sample. Multiply this by typical carpet use, and the potential difference over time can really add up. "

Carpet fibers release allergens for vacuuming

No special vacuum cleaner is needed for these results, but Ivy recommends using one with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter so the allergens don’t escape the vacuum cleaner. With AllerShield™ technology, customers can reduce allergy-aggravating particles in half the vacuuming time.*

How is this possible?

AllerShield™ technology coats the carpet fibers and helps reduce bonding of allergy-aggravating particles to the fibers. In fact, every pass of the vacuum can be 90 percent more effective* in reducing allergen particles. These allergy-aggravating particles include cat dander, dog dander, birch tree pollen, ragweed pollen, timothy grass pollen, and dust mite allergen/debris.

Consider the LiveWell™ advantage—simple yet significant: Dust and allergens won't bond to it, so your customers can.

*Measured with home vacuuming compared to STAINMASTER® carpet without AllerShield™ technology.