Preparing Your Customers for a New Floor Installation

Prepare customers for a new floor by telling them what to expect.

You want your customers to be happy—both during the sale and after they make their flooring purchase from you. The purchase itself, you have covered, and the product will serve customers well for years to come. But occasionally, the process of installing a new floor can encounter a few bumps. Here are some tips to help a new floor installation go as smoothly as the rest of your relationship with your customer.

When it’s time to install a new floor, installers have responsibilities and so do customers. Preparing customers for what they should do before installation day adds to your credibility and helps them have a more successful installation experience. That leads to loyalty, appreciation, and trust that can translate to referrals and repeat business.

What should you tell customers to do for installation day?

  1. Move breakables and valuables before the installers arrive. They’re responsible only for moving heavy furniture.
  2. Disconnect and move computers, cable boxes, and other electronics.
  3. Unhook gas lines in the installation area. Whoever disconnects the lines (the customer or a professional) will need to reconnect them.
  4. Remove pets from the area or even board them offsite on the install day, so they won’t slow the installation process or escape from the customer’s home while crews are going in and out.

Varden also recommends going over any guidelines you give your customers about the floor installation. “Many people won’t read the paperwork,” he says.

Customers should get a packet containing a warranty, how to register the warranty, and information on floor cleaning and maintenance. “Industry-wide, the No. 1 concern is maintenance, and the No. 1 thing we want is for the consumer to be happy,” Varden says.